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Meetings & Conventions

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UralTerra.com offers full-service meeting planning consulting assistance. Our experience ranges from arranging small board meetings to coordinating city-wide conventions. UralTerra.com offers meeting services in Russia and all over the world. Best world hotels, conferences halls and meeting rooms are under your disposal. The attention to detail and careful planning required for designing complex systems is now being applied to the meeting planning industry. We tailor our services to the particular needs of each client. VIP Meetings & Conventions' goal is to give the most personalized service possible. It is our philosophy that everyone should be treated like a V.I.P. A friendly and efficient experience is critical to the success of a convention. The following list covers the scope of services offered by our company.

World VIP Meeting Service
  • Site Selection all over the world
  • Site Visit Arrangements
  • Hotel Contract Negotiation, best hotels of the world
  • Housing Bureau Services
  • Conference Registration
  • Reservation Processing Via Telephone, Fax and Internet
  • Online Reporting
  • Airlines Discounts Negotiation
  • Ground Transportation Arrangements
  • Meeting Planning
  • Exhibit Management
  • Menu Selection and Negotiation
  • Audio Visual/Meeting Rooms Setup
  • Multi-Media/Video Production
  • Promotion and Publications
  • On-Site Coordination
  • Theme Parties/Special Events
  • Hospitality Suite Arrangements
  • Guest Programs/Recreational Activities
  • Budget Control
  • Master Bill Reconciliation
  • Computerized Management Reports

VIP Meeting Service in Russia, Ekaterinburg
  • accommodation in the best Ekaterinburg hotels, Russia and other countries
  • provision of best Ekaterinburg meeting-rooms, Russia and other countries
  • catering service, catering and banquet arrangement in Ekaterinburg and abroad
  • provision of Ekaterinburg VIP transport (limousine, business class car, mini-van, bus)
  • assistance in Business Visa application process
  • air and train ticketing of business class
  • VIP airport services
  • travel insurance for foreign tourists during their visit to Russia
  • translation, interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive)
  • exclusive tours and excursions, one-day tours with a guide-interpreter
  • privilege in service with a personal manager-curator
  • free delivery of the documents to the office

Incentive Travel

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What is the best way to increase sale in your business? One of the most effective methods is Incentive Travel for your company specialists. Now it’s widely-used all over the world in all big companies. Incentive Travel is an exclusive tour arranged specially for your company. It is the best way to encourage the members of your team, corporate clients and partners to perform better and better, thus increasing working productivities of your company.

Incentive Travel is good for emphasizing the company's message such as business goals, business plan, and the ways to improve working environments. It helps exchanging ideas and experience. Group travel can be easily turned into seminars, exhibitions and meetings with local business partners, hence helps to reinforce the company's brand.

Incentive Travel may become a top reward for your partners and express your gratitude for their cooperation or it may become a good start for new projects of your company. Incentive Travel strengthens business relationships, improves working and business environments. Incentive Travel allows your team to celebrate your triumph together, when you achieve your aims, to set new goals and unite your efforts on the way to a new goal and success. Incentive travel is more memory-lasting and more appreciated. Travel memories are recorded, rehearsed and remembered for a longer time than any other forms of rewards. Travel memories are always fresh and live and easy turned into working productivities. In any case Incentive Travel will encourage your partners to cooperate with you and reach higher and higher levels.

UralTerra.com team has a great experience Incentive Travels arrangement. We organize Incentive Travels for our clients in Ekaterinburg as well as in the cities of the Ural District, other Russian cities and abroad. UralTerra.com offers a great variety of travel destinations for your event and it helps to ensure the success of your event. Incentive Travel arrangement starts from program planning. The plan of the program depends on your company purposes and aims.

UralTerra.com team will help with:
  • Conferencing, workshops, award ceremonies and product launches
  • Total project and budget management
  • One-off groups through to on-going multi-tiered programs
  • Registration - including online and website links
  • Site inspections
  • Supplier negotiation and liaison
  • Group airfares and charters
  • Total transportation requirements
  • Accommodation and venue management
  • Airport group check-in
  • Group escorts and on-site coordination
  • Pre- and post- extensions
  • Speakers, interpreters and guides
  • Offsite events and gala dinners
  • Theming and entertainment
  • Team building
  • Imaginative day tours and leisure activities
  • Special interest programs
  • Personalised pillow gifts, invitations and costumes
  • Itinerary preparation
  • Teaser and update mail-outs, pre-trip information and documentation
  • On-site information / tour desk
  • Signage, name badges, luggage tags, satchels, welcome packs
  • Visa and health advice
  • Group travel insurance
  • Post-event feedback
  • 24 hour assistance


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Conference, as any other event, means intensive work for both participants and coordinators. Participants of conferences, seminars and congresses should discuss a number of important questions and take decisions during a limited period of time. Good site, effective coordination work can guarantee success of the event. For example, coordinators must select a suitable site for conference. Conference room should create comfortable atmosphere in order to meet aims and main idea of the event. Conference arrangement demands effective coordination, time and efforts. In today's business world, you need to meet to compete. Planning conferences and meetings is our business, so it doesn't have to be yours.

UralTerra.com has a great experience in arrangement of conferences, seminars, congresses, presentations and other business events for Russian and foreign companies. UralTerra.com operates on various kinds of conference and symposium. Whatever the occasion, UralTerra.com will assist in the successful and efficient staging and coordination of your event. Today, we are glad to offer you good conference rooms in Ekaterinburg at a big discount. We also provide hotel accommodation for conference participants. Group discounted reservations in hotels of Ekaterinburg, Russia and all over the world.

Our team provides following conference services
  • Conference planning and budgeting
  • Registration - including online and website links
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Site search and conference room select
  • Design and equipment
  • Conference audio-visual support
  • Food & beverages. We assist with catering, coffee-break arrangement, and menu selection for banquets.
  • Outside activities and gala dinners for guests
  • Total transportation requirements
  • Visa, travel insurance and health advice

Events and Exhibitions

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Trade show or Exhibitions are an influential, flexible and highly cost-effective business tool - as well as being significant wealth generators in their own right. In established economies they are a vital part of the marketing mix, alongside direct selling, advertising, direct mail and the Internet. In new and emerging markets they are a major stimulus for industrial and commercial development - driving industrial development and technology transfer, boosting regional and national industry, stimulating foreign investment in industry and infrastructure. Exhibitions also have a major impact on local and national economies.

To visit exhibition or to exhibit an exhibition - you can rely upon UralTerra.com. UralTerra.com with our professionalism and expertise can help you to arrange any exhibition or trade show. UralTerra.com will help you to handle all jobs and operations from site search too coordination work. UralTerra.com also offers travel packages for buyers that travel to participate in Russian exhibitions or overseas.

Standard package for Event and Exhibition arrangement includes:
  • Buyers travel packages to participate in exhibitions of Russia and overseas
  • Assistance at the preparatory analytical stage of exhibition making
  • Working out the program of the event: theme, idea, and scenario according to the main aims
  • Site search and selection
  • Booking and building of booths and spaces, and deal with the specific stand requirements of the exhibiting companies. We undertake the design of the site according to event’s theme (stage scenery, banners, display design and construction)
  • Printing of promotional and advertising material (catalogues, prospectus, brochures, leaflets, posters, badges), gifts for the guests
  • Catering management (coffee-break, lunch, banquet)
  • Technical & audio/visual assistance (audiovisual aids, lightning, exhibition equipment, such as screens, projectors, supporting structures)
  • Shaw-program arrangement
  • Photography & video, montage of presentation films. (CD Presentation)

Feel free to contact UralTerra.com manager. UralTerra.com promises a speedy reply to all requests for information about us, and we welcome your questions and comments. We prefer to get to know our clients, their organizational culture and their event objectives before making a proposal. As such, if you are requesting a preliminary proposal, we ask that you take the time to discuss your event with us, or at the very least complete UralTerra.com Event Profile Form.

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